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Killarney Kenmare 90km Tour

Killarney, Ladies View, Molls Gap, Kenmare, Black Valley, Gap of Dunloe, Killarney

From Marcia....

So what to say about this place?!

It is difficult to find words that describe everything.

All at once this place fills you with a mix of sensations and thoughts that cuts your breath away and blocks your brain. In one word. AMAZING!!

Music comes instantly into your brain when you are dancing through the roads with your bicycle and don't want to stop. You want to continue and see what will come next thinking: I hope I have the legs to see everything

By riding a bike here you can appreciate the beautiful landscapes while recording the images in your memory. It's almost impossible not to stop and take pictures or film. There is so much to see here, one day is not enough to discover it all.

The best way to discover Killarney is with a bicycle, hiking it's another option, but the bicycle gives you the chance to enjoy more and see more. Not having problems with traffic and parking is the best added bonus.

The lakes, woodlands, waterfalls and living history are the ingredients that make Killarney National Park so unique, particularly when coupled with the ever changing light and skies that share in Killarney's breathtaking scenery.

It's a really good place to visit .Apart from the bicycle, whoever likes other challenges or adventures, there are plenty of thrilling sporting options to satisfy your appetite. Trail running across Ireland's most scenic mountain trails, climbing Ireland's highest Mountain Carrauntoohill and canyoning for example. For the lesser octane souls, there are many enjoyable activities such as boat trips on the lakes and to Innisfallen Island, beautiful leisurely walks, ideal family locations for picnics, cycling, discovering the nature trails and a lot more exploring.

A place to go not just once!